We are
Growing Places



Active urban landscapes, the best of West Coast hiking, first class education and two shopping epicentres—the City of Coquitlam is a dynamic community on the rise. Mirroring Coquitlam’s transition of growth, Anthem’s commitment to the city will span at least 20 years, leading to the creation of thousands of homes through diverse types of housing, including hundreds of rental homes, making up almost 20% of Anthem’s entire multifamily residential portfolio.

A central core of Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam is an active city anchored by connectivity, diversity and transformation. From the revitalization of Coquitlam Centre to the progressive urban core rising in West Coquitlam, monumental growth has been driven by the SkyTrain’s 2016 expansion, which saw the Evergreen Line weave from Burnaby through to Coquitlam and Port Moody, integrating how people in all cycles of life live, grow, work, play and learn.


With decades of real estate development experience, every Anthem community is an evolution of the last, anchored by a steadfast vision to create great space and vibrant, synergistic communities for all its intended users: homeowners, tenants, retailers and the broader community.

We are driven by a tireless effort to deliver on our promises to build quality homes designed to maximize livability. Like the City of Coquitlam, we are constantly improving and innovating the way things are done.

Building on the legacy and success of Wynwood Green, JINJU and SOCO, Anthem’s focus in Coquitlam includes a diversity of residential and mixed use developments, from townhomes to woodframe mid-rises to concrete towers, each placed in well- connected neighbourhoods, surrounded by amenities and nature, and in close proximity to transit. We build communities where people can put down roots.

To further reinforce the vision of our communities and the company mission, Anthem looks at each municipality as a partner, supporting initiatives that give back to the city’s residents. In alignment with Anthem’s Giving strategy, we seek to strengthen the communities we build in and assist those in need to reach their full potential. Anthem proudly honours Coquitlam’s community legacy.

We are Growing Places.